Basic (FDM)


Our basic 3D printing service uses FDM technology. ‘FDM’, or ‘Fused Deposition Modeling’, describes the method by which the object is printed. A horizontally-sliced model design is sent from the computer to the 3D printer, which then prints one vertical layer of the model at a time. Heated extruders feed the thermoplastic filament onto the build platform as a fine noodle of semi-molten plastic. The print head traces the first layer, depositing a very thin layer of plastic. When this slice is completed, the build plate lowers by a small, pre-set distance. The print head then repeats the process, depositing the next thin layer of plastic on top of the lowered layer. This process continues the 3D product has completely formed.

FDM is a cost-effective printing method, suited to early prototyping, form & fit testing, sizing and variant exploration.

Our machines can print at layer height resolutions from 100 microns to 300 microns. Please see our design guide for information on how to ensure the 'printability' of your model

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