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Fast design iterations and physical prototype printing are a critical part of any 3D design process. We utilise 3D printing heavily in our design process, usually creating variants and improving iterations until the final design is found. Because of the accessibility and flexibility of 3D printing, several different designs can be tested in a matter of hours.

We help people develop their product ideas into physical objects and prototypes. We're specialists in design and prototyping of 3D objects, whether that applies to products, components, models or artwork. Alongside running an on-demand 3D printing service, we take on all sorts of design projects that typically involve the following activities.



Our team of fully qualified design engineers are specialists in complex 3D design, mechanical engineering and manufacturing. We work closely with other businesses and enterprising individuals to help them physically realise their products/hardware.

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Usually requested as an add-on service from hardware design, we can produce sets of manufacturing drawings that clearly and efficiently communicate the manufacturing needs and processes attributed to your product. We can offer technical drawing for plastic parts, sheet metal and solid metal parts, as well as assemblies of custom and standardised components.

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Everything we do revolves around prototyping. From straightforward one-offs to dozens of iterations, we pride ourselves on quickly and effectively finding the design through rapid prototyping.

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We offer manufacturing liaison services hand-in-hand with our design services, This means that your product is designed with consideration of the manufacturing techniques used, shortening development time, minimising development costs and ensuring that the transition into production goes as smoothly as possible.

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We know it can be a major source of stress figuring out how to fund the development of your product - especially if you're a startup! So to help ease the pain, we've put together a list of some of the financial assistance available in our area.

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