Detail (SLA)



For high detail 3D printing, we use SLA/DLP. ‘SLA’ is an abbreviated form of the word Stereolithography, and ‘DLP’ stands for 'Direct Light Projection'. This method of 3D printing uses UV-curable (or photo-reactive) resin as its build material. The horizontally sliced model is sent from the computer to the 3D printer, which then prints out the model one layer at a time. The build platform drops into a vat of resin and is held there for a few seconds. In this time, a cross-sectional layer is projected onto the build platform in UV light, causing the resin to cure the illuminated areas. When the exposure is complete, the build platform lifts out of the vat, then returns to the tank for the next layer.

SLA is a relatively cost-effective printing method, suited to high-detail parts, intricate structures and difficult overhangs.

Our SLA machines can print at layer height resolutions from 36 microns to 100 microns. Please see our design guide for information on how to ensure the 'printability' of your model.

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