Professional (Polyjet)



PolyJet (often referred to as Objet) printing is an additive manufacturing process which uses two or more jetting heads (one for the model material and one for support material) to deposit the outline of the desired part. Like other 3D printing methods, these are extruded, layer by layer, onto the build plate.

The liquids used by the printer are photo-polymer resins which are cured by a UV lamp within the machine. The process creates a solid, plastic-like model, exhibiting extreme dimensional accuracy and highly detailed features. 

Support material is required when printing complex shapes, or a structure with an overhang. This material, when cured, is a gel-like substance that is washed off after printing.

Finished PolyJet models have an incredibly smooth finish and can be readily painted, drilled or tapped.


Our Objet Eden PolyJet 3D printer is typically used for the following applications:

  • Creating precise prototypes with exceptional final product realism
  • Producing complex shapes, intricate details and smooth surfaces
  • Fully transparent models
  • Bio-compatible models
  • Functional components 




Bio-compatible, Rigid & Translucent (Suitable for skin contact of more than 30 days and short term mucosal-membrane contact of up to 24 hours) Medically approved for Irritation, Cytotoxicity, Genotoxicity, Delayed Type Hypersensitivity and USP Plastic  Class IV. Used for Medical and Dental applications including surgical stents/guides, delivery trays, hearing aids etc.

Vero Family

ABS-like (Rigid with some flex). Grey as standard.


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