Approaching the optimal...

Prototyping is a vital part of what we do. Sometimes we're asked just to create one-off prototype for client's to demonstrate an idea to potential investors. 

In other cases, we'll create many prototypes to evaluate the function, fit and aesthetic of a product as part of our product development methodology.


Over and on top...

Whilst 3D printing is what we specialise in, some projects aren't well suited to this method of prototyping. Sometimes we need to work with sheet metals, rubbers, fabrics and other materials for which 3D printing would be an incompatible or inappropriate prototyping method. While we have the facility in-house for some of these materials, we're happy to rely on our network of trusted partners to impart their skills and expertise when necessary.

In some situations, we may need to produce a batch of dozens of prototypes. In this case, we rely on 3D printed parts to create a mould which we can use to create several copies of the part or component. This is because 3D printing each part would likely cost more and take longer to make.



We can also lend our hand to electronics prototyping. We have experience in machine design & programming, and so can confidently tackle most robotics projects. When things start getting a bit over our heads, we have trusted partners who are electronics engineers & developers.