Display Models


We’re not a 'click & print' 3D printing service. We’re a small, flexible studio, who take pride in the presentation and finishing of printed models.

There are many reasons you may want to create a display model. Whatever your intentions, it helps if you can make us aware of your desired outcome, so that we can do our best to see your idea through to successful realisation. Whether you're pitching your ideas for investment, creating artworks for exhibition, or judging the appearance of your final design, we take the time to understand the objectives behind your project. This means that we can tailor our work to suit your needs, and roll our two cents in the right direction (so to speak).

Our SLA and PolyJet printing services are perfect if you’re looking for smooth surfaces and a high level of detail. Once printed, models can be post-processed to accommodate individual needs. Common requests include a glossy finish, resin-coating, or adding a metallic look.

Other than the removal of support material, typical finishing processes we have on hand include:

  • Sanding
  • Polishing
  • Spray-painting (though we can't mix custom colours!)
  • Coating (clear coat, lacquer, resin/epoxy, etc.)
  • Specialist treatments to suit specific needs

Clear Prototyping

A particularly popular service amongst bottle designers and manufacturers is our production of glass-clear prototypes. We use a material called VeroClear on our Polyjet 3D Printer, and finish the prints with a thorough, careful sanding and polishing procedure. This is a highly sought-after technology and a service rarely found.

Bear in mind:

Hollow models for clear printing (such as glass bottle prototypes) must be printed as 2 halves, and joined together afterwards. This results in a visible seam; however, usually the seam can either be disguised in the model, or would be an expected feature of the final product.